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March 5 Handout: World War 1 and Its Shadow Handout

March 5 handout World War I and its shadow I. World War I a. What were the immediate causes of the war? And the farsighted term ones? b. What expectations did people have about the war? c. What was the Schlieffen platform? d. What was chuck warfare like? e. What new technologies developed in the war? f. How did participants and sides transplant over the course of the war? g. What made this war a gentleman war? h. What is total war? i. What is the home front? j. How did nations target civilians in the war essay? k. How did women result part in the war effort? l.What is propaganda and what was it used for? m. What attitudes do the posters reveal? II. Versailles and Mandates a. What was the Armistice? b. What was the agreement of Versailles? c. What steps did nations take to prevent future war? d. What did self-determination mean in rehearse? e. Did self-determination apply outside of Europe? f. What was the mandate system? g. How did the treaties shutdown the war change Euro pean empires? III. Social changes a. What types of permanent physical scathe did the war cause? b. What types of psychological trauma did the war cause? . How did the enjoyment of the state change to address the long-term effects of the war? d. How did sexuality roles change from the war? e. How did the way people viewed war change? f. How did the attitudes towards war differ between In Flanders Fields and Dulce et Decorum Est? Terms Gavrilo Princip Schlieffen Plan Trench warfare Over the top Mustard gas quantity war Home front Conscription Rationing Propaganda Armistice Treaty of Versailles Fourteen Points Self-determination Mandate system League of Nations Influenza pandemic Lost generation Wilfred Owen

Civil Disobedience Definition

The extremely simplified definition of courteous disobedience given by Websters Dictionary is nonviolent opposition to a law through refusal to comply with it, on grounds of conscience. Thoreau in Civil Disobedience and Martin Luther King in Letter from Birmingham Jail both(prenominal) argue that laws thought of as raw in ones mind should non be adhered to. In Her creation Melvilles Bartleby, a man named Bartleby is thought of by m both to be practicing civil disobedience. His actions are nonviolent, and he refuses to comply with anything his boss says.But his behavior has zippo to do with morals. Bartleby is besides a lonely guy who does not wish to make up and has energy to do with civil disobedience. Thoreau says that if in reasonableice is of such(prenominal) a nature that it requires you to be the agent of harm to another, then I say break the law (Jacobus 134). He is personally giving permission for an individual to ignore anything he or she finds morally unaccepta ble. However, in Bartleby, Bartlebys boss places no below the belt laws and assigns no un proficient work.He simply asks Bartleby to do easy tasks such as, when those papers are all copied, I will compare them with you, or, just step around the Post Office, wont you? And see if there is anything for me (Melville 116). The boss, who is also the narrator, never requests Bartleby to perform any difficult chores. Martin Luther King, Jr. s interpretation of an unjust law is, a code that a numeric or power majority separate compels a minority group to obey but does not make binding on itself (Jacobus 159).The injustice described here by King also does not contact the characterization of Bartlebys boss. Bartleby penurys no civil disobedience since nothing could be considered unjust in the bosss management. Even if an unjust act were placed against Bartleby, he would not have had any cares almost the injustice. He was a man who needed a place to screw and chose to be a law-copyist. H e has no desire to do any work and no desire to interact with other humans. Anytime an order was given, the very(prenominal) response would reply from Bartlebys mouth I would prefer not to (Melville).Bartleby did not weigh the issues of morality and immorality in his assignments. He just does not want to deal with others. When asked to look over some work with Turkey and Nipping, he refuses. His boss offers him a home, and he refuses this as well. The coating footnote to Bartleby states that Bartlebys previous profession was a subordinate shop assistant in the dead(p) Letters Office in Washington. The dead earn he handled had no association to any living person. Bartleby was accustomed to running(a) at a place where dealing with man is unnecessary.As Thoreau says, Dead letters Does it not sound like dead men? (Melville 140). Bartleby has no connection with civil disobedience. King and Thoreaus ideas of what civil disobedience is do not match up with the actions of Bartleby. B artleby was not trying to make a statement against unjust laws by not abiding by them. He was just a loner. All his refusals to do what was ordered stemmed from his need to be separated from humanity. Bartleby only wanted to live by himself with nothing but his own thoughts to deal with.

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Step Away from Them

An Analysis of brusk Oharas A Step Away From Them At the unfreeze of the 20th century, the driveway of modern art began to distinguish itself by lamentable past from traditional and classical forms. Artists like Pablo Picasso were deconstructing their formal techniques by abstracting forms of abstract art. We began to question and criticize Is that art? By mid-20th century, the schools of the modern movement already began to echo into literature, dance, and music. Abstract Expressionist literature emphasizes spontaneity of motions and their fleetingness.Once a detail is menti unitaryd, it disappears but resurfaces in the subconscious in the form of a daytimedream. Frank OHaras A Step Away From Them adapts his whimsical personal manner of free verse with arbitrary puff breaks and enjambment. There is a relay of split-second operation followed by spontaneous thought. Overall, the rime ventures into synapses of the mind in an urban s measure. OHara is the observer, self-sa tisfied, and content. In the first line, in that location is a matt-up quality of impulsive action. So I go gives a brain of urgency that we experience the moment our lunch time of day hits. The meter of severally word so-and-so be equal stressed.The I is a buggy vowel, therefore, there is emphasize is on so and go. OHara combines two senses of optical and sound with hum-colored. Both senses capture dynamic movements like when someone takes a unruffled photo of a moving object. The prototype of a taxiriolet smears across the photo. There is a distinction of the way space moves. Hum-colored can resonate sound that an engine causes. When we walk dis cultivation the door into the metropolis, the pace is already constitute. By line 3, the mind quickly wanders to the next optic moment. Down the sidewalk tells our aw beness to focus on lunch hour of laborers.We ar walking and capturing still photos. Dirty glistening torsos signifies the way kink workers eat shirtless. An other interpretation can perceive oil rubbed on their shirt hence the term, blue collar workers. At this moment, OHara draws an unconscious connection with the yellow colored helmets from the previous visual of hum-colored cabs. Yellow was befuddled due to the motion and sound. The color resurfaces from our short-term memory. He interjects nonchalant ridicule and inner wit with I guess. Despite stuffing themselves, they essential protect themselves from fall objects.We have a sense of OHaras humor and his eye for function. As your visual context moves upward to falling bricks, OHara draws the attention of the movement virtually ground floor, heels and grates. He does not add a space between lines. He follows each(prenominal) line with heavy enjambment. Then onto the avenue has a progression of walking just about the corner to the next highroad. There is a new scene, new splashing of paint. He refers to a movie scene in pop farming by stating Then onto the avenue where sk irts are flipping above heels and blow up everywhere grates. (lines 9-11)In 1955, Marilyn Monroe filmed The Seven Year Itch in natural York City. The scene of her skirt being blown up had ca utilize a spectacle making Marilyn a movie sex icon. Motion of upward movement is describe with gestures like flipping above, up over, and stir up. The metropolis is hot. According to OHara, cabs stir up the descent (line 12). In the city, there is unceasingly a cab in sight. How they motion around the city block without air conditioning. There is no escape from the heated engine but OHara is indifferent and aloof by the motion around him because he looks at bargains in wristwatches (line 13-14).He is still to himself, an observer. In line 14, saw body draws impale to previous space, cut out the street of laborers construction site. He allows the readers thoughts to dilate at each new scene. At the end of each moment of space, he draws inward almost as if he constricts his pupils to insp ect an off detail. There/ are cats playing in sawdust. (line 13-14) It is as if he has seen them playing from the corner of his eye. He ends line 14 with a stream and finally begins a new sentence on line 15. The song opens up On to Time Square, OHara bring our attention to the skyline. and in high spiritser(prenominal)/ the waterfalls pours lightly (lines 16-17). There is a use of abstract imagery in comparing the sky to waterfalls. When scanning the space in between the building, it narrows overpower hidether as if we look further voltaic pile Broadway. The blue image may look like water pouring out. The poem takes score in the summer heat. Waterfalls have a feeling of cool air and openness but nature is contrasted by the sign / blows smoke over head (lines 15-16). To blow smoke is an idiom that describes someone telling delusion or lie. Advertising in Time Square is saturated with quid of consumerism and billboard marketing.The same interaction of hype is exchanged by the hatful of Time Square, the poem follows . A Negro stands in a accession with a toothpick, languorously agitating A flaxen chorus little girl clicks he smiles and rubs his chin. (lines 17-21) In the previous space, onto the Avenue, OHara makes a annex to Marilyn Monroe. She is idolized again in Time Square as the blonde chorus girl, a character she plays in most of her movies. An African-American male easily talks as if he is hounding around lazily.In an urban space, interracial lines are not separated or set by bounds. Clicks can describe how someone talks with gum in their mouth. The click can be an interpreted as the tapping sound of high heels walking by. Everything/ suddenly honks (line 21-22). Our attention is drawn to pause again to gridlock on Broadway. We may think it is the blonde who causes everyone to honk. OHara reverts back to time and day, . 1240 / of a Thursday (lines 22-23). We are reminded that the hour is coming to a close. OHara is consumed by time, like the bargain wristwatch on the avenue.To him, with any(prenominal) is going on, time marks the next. The poem changes momentum when OHara sits down to eat. He quickly writes in a style like Edwin Denby, a critic and poet of modern dance. Comparing neon in the daytime is a / great pleasure with light bulb we associate neon with shiny color and light bulbs being plain white. Time Square is identical for its light and color at night. This is the place OHara has lunch. He finds the daylight enjoyable and adds texture by juxtaposing words that provide a smorgasbord of different culture and art. He sets more periods and commons like he is itemizing a list.He spells out names as though he is thinking about them in association of. There is less action or verbs and more inward thinking. He has an American cheeseburger and chocolate malt liquor in an Italian Actresss restaurant, JULIETS CORNER. I think about when people migrated to United States and how they take on the American tradition. Comparing Juliet with Giuletta Masina, it is regular to change name spelling to English form. Giuletta Masinas husband, Federico Fellini writes and directs movie. His signature style is bizarre, foreign, and surreal.OHara writes in Italian e bell attrice which translates to beautiful actress. I imagine when OHara watched foreign movies they had English subtitle. So far, names mentioned are all artists who have an influence in the arts. OHara is an elitist. It is who he knows that allows him to separates himself from mainstream. He watches foreign films, speaks Italian, and wonders about the function of clothing. He loves all forms of art. Still, the humble, ubiquitous cab captures his eye, OHara states A lady in foxes on such a day puts her poodle in a cab. (lines30-32) In line 31, on such a day reminds us about the heat.There is a surreal moment about a lady wearing fur carrying a dog while he drinks a cold drink. She is out of place by wearing something out of season. He does no t hang around in the thought. He moves on to the avenue, on an upbeat, pointing out that it is the Puerto Ricans that makes it beautiful and warm. The poem makes another iconic turn. He mentions the deaths of three friends, a writer, a musician, and a painter. OHara poses a question But is the / earth as practiced of action was profuse, of them? (lines 33-34) Lang Bunny, John Latouche, Jackson Pollack were able to capture life through and through and through and through their art.When they passed away was the world done with them? Puerto Ricans, in the avenue, were carrying on. Everything around still was beating and alive. It was through life moved on, OHara writes And one has eaten and one walks, past the magazines with nudes and the posters for BULLFIGHT and the Manhattan Storage storage warehouse, which theyll soon tear down. I used to think they had the Armory Show there. (lines 40-46) It makes me think about how the modern art movement started. The impressionist paintin g of Manets Le Dejeuner Dur Lherbe had ball over the art world because clothed men were painted having a luncheon with a nude woman.Goyas realist painting of Bullfighting spoke about humanity. He was the first to paint blood during the Spanish Revolution. However, where mass exertion of magazine and poster were sold, people ate and walk pass, the world was full of life. The world keeps moving. It feels like an end of an era when the poem mentioned Manhattan Storage Warehouse was being torn down. The Armory Show is also known as the International Exhibition of Modern Art which was formed in New York. OHara thought that exposition was here. There is a feeling that the exhibition is held somewhere else.OHara ends on a brighter note. He is self-satified. Before he heads back to work, he has papaya juice. My heart is in my / pocket, it is Poems by capital of South Dakota Reverdy. (lines 49-50) The heart symbolizes love and affection. To have it in your pocket means that it is carried c lose to him. Pierre Reverdy is a critic, writer, poet of Cubism, Pablo Picasso. OHara love for the art will always be with him. Imitation of Step Away From Them Im vigilant up from my first nap of day, the phone ring underneath a noise of pigeons. The angular sun peeks through lace curtains while dust particles slowly attempt to move.After the 10th ring, Im enquire if it was important mostly likely, not. Im out the door down the three flights of winding stairs, let the kid from Apartment K through the security gate. K collects bright colored cans around the neighborhood. I refused to make eye contact. Someone is still buzzing him in, speaking inaudible sounds through a muffled rattling speaker. A van drives by. How many rings does it take? On Mission Street, the 14 runs every 5 minutes. Stores are tagged but stocked with novelty items of Golden Gates, painted ladies, and pedigree cars. Whoever wears these shirts, might as well, give up their wallets.A bootleg VHS reproduction of Natural Born Killers is being sold by a street vendor. Tiny feet hurry up the second floor. The Haitian drums resonated across the wooden floors, bouncing off high ceiling. Its a Wednesday another day same as the others. We are warming up for the next class. Its was only a year ago that they decided to robbed Muddys. Ran, Rich, and turkey were in jail now. Im swinging my arm assay to break the chain. Were they ever free? Was it the squeak in their voice that gave it away? Swinging and stomping. I am raising my machete to cut through sugar cane fields. My heart is in-sync with the drums.

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Motivated by applications Essay

Until the last century, mathematics was of all time motivated by applications (Kline, 1973 iv) it took humanity an vast time span to reach the generality capacity necessary to become kindle in pure mathematics. It follows that children take both(prenominal) time to reach the necessary psychological maturity to deal with the formalism and guinea pig of thought process involved in abstracts and mathematics. It is enkindle to none that in many countries, 21 (the end of this 7-year period) is the age for a offspring person to become legally responsible.It is a recognition, that only at this age are all human capacities fully available, and the private is able to control and be altogether responsible for his or her actions (Steiner, 1982 Talbot, 1995 and Bronfenbrenner, 1995). In conclusion, this publisher supported my identify to prove that the protracted writ of execution of estimators in pre-high school procreation is having a detrimental effect on the discipline of children.The first melodic phrase I presented to support my aim is that calculator engineering science is ecological and like all engineering science may return long stretch effects on childrens emotional, psychological, spiritual, virtuous and kind sensibilities. Fostering a mechanical, able view of social relationships. Secondly, I argued that a computer is a tool, and to be hard-hitting it is necessary children understand what it is and how it works.Just as a childs strong-arm development is weedy when muscles are not exercised, the development of disciplined thinking is stunted when the computer relieves the child of the responsibility for prep and organizing his/her thoughts before expressing them. It should be kept in mind that tools designed to aid the uprise mind may hinder the ripening of the developing mind. Thirdly, I supported my aim by arguing that computers work with an exceedingly restricted class of childrens thoughts.It was exhibit that early compute r subprogram and an focus on computer like thinking, is trail childrens development to be henpecked by the rigid, logical, algorithmic thinking, that is characteristic of computer interaction. This accelerated, but isolated intellectual development, brings a childs mental abilities to an crowing level long before they have grown strong enough to bound it and give it humane direction. The fourth argument presented to support my aim was, that how computers are apply in education is detrimental to childrens development.Children need time for active, physical cope with hands-on lessons of all kinds, especially in the arts and direct experience of the born(p) world. The prevalent emphasis on applied science is diverting us from the urgent social and liberal educational needs of children. A proper education requires attention to students from right-hand(a) teachers and active parents. It requires commitment to developmentally allow education and attention to the full put of ch ildrens needs physical, emotional, and social, as sanitary as cognitive.Finally and most significantly I demonstrated that developmental stages in children are not compatible with computer use. Combining Steiner, Bloom and Krathwohl developmental concepts with the accompaniment that computers are mathematical tools, forcing a stringently abstract and mathematical type of thinking as well as use of symbolic formal language. Applying these concepts and properties of computers to proper educational goals we may surmise that they are unsuitable for extensive use by children in any form before some age 15, or high school. win over arguments have been presented to prove the extensive implementation of computers in pre-high school education is having a detrimental effect on the development of children.BibliographyBloom, B. and D. Krathwohl. Taxonomy of Educational Objectives Handbook 1 The cognitive Domain. bleak York McKay, 1956. Bronfenbrenner, U. Developmental Ecology finished Ti me and Space A emerging Perspective in Examining Lives in circumstance Perspectives on the Ecology of Human Development, (Moen, elder and Luscher Ed.). Washington American Psychology Association, 1995.Bowers, C. A. The ethnic Dimensions of Educational Computing Understanding the Non-neutrality of Technology. New York Teachers College Press, 1988 Coon, D. Essentials of Psychology Exploration and Application (8th edition). ground forces Wadsworth/Thomson Learning, 1999 Craig, G. , M. Kermis and N. Digdon. Children Today (2nd edition). Toronto Prentice Hall. 2001 Kline, M. Why greyback Cant Add the bereavement of New Math. New York St. Martins, 1973.

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Ioi Corporation

IOI Corpo balancen Case lease 1. IOI strong growth was achieved through a. legal plantation management practice * Continues returnss on yields performance * Maximize output from plantation and factories and minimize input to achieve a low-cost supply chain b. diversify business base in treat oil industry, from downstream sector to upstream sector 2. IOI opportunities and threats c. Opportunity * Continues growth on medal oil in nourishment oils & fats grocery store globally * add-on in non-food industry demand, like biofuel.Now, food market is focus on renewable energy. typewriter ribbon oil has been identified as oneness of the efficient and clean biofuel * Crude palm oil price getting high and stable grade-on-year. * gross revenue of properties at flush ara especially in capital of Singapore have been encouraging * Expansion in Indonesia with recent planting permit praise to the groups directly own plantations d. Threat * Major revenue is be intimate from expor t markets to Europe and US. Weak frugal situation affect the demand on palm oil. With limited land imprecate in Malaysia * Unfavorable weather considerateness * Shortage of estate workers * Fierce rivalry from Sime Darby and Indonesia and upcoming markets like Africa and Brazil atomic number 18 catching up 3. Internal makeup capabilities and it weakness. e. Top 3 executive directors are family members. Decisions making are among family members, higher chances in power abusing and insufficiency of transparency f. Has trading trading ope dimensionns in many countries, expose to exotic exchange risk 4. Change and unaltered g. Change Family based appropriate holders lack of transparency. Need to maintain good race with stakeholders to increase the efficiency of the group h. unvaried * Tissue culture research, leading to refinement of clonal palms with superior traits * Continuous improvement in productivity and efficiency of its operations * Sustainable environmental friend ly practices IOI pecuniary Analysis FY2012 1. Current liquidity ratio = Current asset / Current obligation 2012 (RM000) 2011 (RM000) 9,185,620 / 2,202,499= 4. 7 7,703,105 / 2,288,028= 3. 36 The group ratio increased in year 2012 2. heart and soul debt to total asset = (short term debt + dour term debt) / total asset 2012 (RM000) 2011 (RM000) 10,148,965 / 23,064,868= 0. 44 7,393,721 / 19,655,119= 0. 37 Total funds that areprovided by creditors is increasing in year2012 3. Total asset turnover = Sales / total asset 2012 (RM000) 2011 (RM000) 15,640,272 / 23,064,868= 0. 67 16,154,251 / 19,655,119= 0. 82 4. Profitability = net income / sales 2012 (RM000) 2011 (RM000) ,828,529 / 15,640,272= 0. 11 2,290,513 / 16,154,251= 0. 14 After tax dough decreased per ringgit of sales 5. Market assess * EPS = 0. 2785 * P/E = 18. 2047 * Price per share = 5. 07 * (Current assets current liabilities) / ordinary shares = (9,185,620 2,202,499) / 6,419,174 = 1. 08 * Fair apprize = (5. 07 / 2) + (1. 08 / 2) = 2. 535 + 0. 54 = 3. 075 IOI groups service is decreased on year 2012. The market fair value is much commence than the actual price per share. The option is to shit the share instead of buying it.

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Childrens physical creative social and emotions education essay

Using ICT resources is considered to advance childrens physical, originative, social and emotional and communicating this is because it exit adopt up their acquisition in many an(prenominal) slipway. For each in allegory utilizing a compute machine tidy sum back up the electric razor s physical cultivatement, this keister be good by an adult puting their baseball mitt over a kid s manus on the mouse this leave al angiotensin converting enzyme generate enjoyment and receive his all sound motor accomplishments. Using a computing machine go forth besides straight off the kids s attending with conversation inquiries asked by them in that locationfore increasing both his position and communicating accomplishments. Thinking accomplishments trick be enhanced when pretending an on separate saber motto game. When utilizing ICT kids should be encour developd to lock in braces or groups this is because they allow come on their social development. Additionally ki ds discount develop their creativeness accomplishments by drag images on the P aint Softw ar utilizing ICT. in any event originative development stub be increased by electronic euphony devices that enable kids to implement their imaginativeness and pack feelings. Small, free-standing keyboards corporation play, series of vocals with a reaching of distinguishable instruments, including carnal sounds. More manifold systems rouse be linked to a computing machine. Music produced by the kids heap so be augmented to multimedia presentations to add with their images.How to accommodate manipulation of ICT for kids of opposite ages, gender, demands and abilitiesYounger kids testament utilize appliances and toys that send packing execute digitally or sound effects e.g. lecture razzs or removed(p) controlled autos, the activity can include maneuvering the distant control to live on the auto. Besides early old ages programmes can be found in a computing machine e.g. whitebo ard or pigment, presenting this willing assist to learn them the engineering view of making activities. However older kids will accommodate a different utilization of ICT e.g. utilizing a computing machine to dis position mob activities or to utilize a digital tv camera to take a picture show of a category operate on drama.It is common for turn tails to bask playing with linguistic communication production dolls hence supplying this bod of plaything to a vernal miss merely accommodating and promoting a different beginning of ICT for male childs broaden their scholarship of the society this is because at that place gender are normally interested in remote controlled autos, or a speaking law of nature or somewhat kind of doll etc.nevertheless to advance a equilibrate position of genders the misss could be given the equivalent plaything as the male childs and vice versa.Further more than, kids with demands and abilities should meet different ways of ICT resource s they should be supported when utilizing an electronic plaything, they essential be instructed and an account of how to utilize the plaything has to be made clear to them. Additionally they should be watched most of the clip so that if they anticipate aid they can be assisted. ICT resources apply must advance the apprehension and empathy of busy demands e.g. giving simple instructions to expose the usage of a digital camera or computing machine.How to do beat usage of ICT in bilingual or multilingual scenesChildren that have English as an extra linguistic communication must be considered in a bearing that will act upon their literacy accomplishments e.g. they should be shown interactional narratives that will construct up their literacy accomplishments. Besides, synergistic whiteboards and digital exposures can be use to expose exposures and support kids s literacy accomplishments either bit good as societal development. Teaching rimes from books and vocals will besides crack their apprehension of the English linguistic communication. mixer accomplishments will besides be veritable because working in braces or as a member of a group larning to portion and cooperate with one another would increase inde draw updent larning and decision-making.In invest to utilize some ICT equipment kids will get to develop a scope of accomplishments e.g. all right motor accomplishments to utilize a keyboard and mouse, and will necessitate clip to question the equipment before they are able to utilize it.Children will necessitate to develop all right motor accomplishments in social club to utilize a keyboard or a mouse because motions of fingers and pollex to travel this equipment are required besides the custodies and eyes work together ( manus and oculus coordination ) . handsome motor accomplishments will give the dexterity to execute little accurate motions to localise a mouse.How kids use ICT as a tool to back up larning in many material body of study countries and in making this what they learn approximately ICT as a topic in its ain right.ICT usage will back up the acquisition in many course of study countries this is because educational wind vane rates can assist kids to sharpen their acquisition for exemplar utilizing early old ages wind vane site that contains every topic ( chiefly English, maths and scientific discipline ) will help oneself them to be taught their topics in a more play and gratifying because they will be able to play games online related to the topic. skill about a assortment of topics will besides spread out their comprehension of ICT as a topic in its ain right because they learn the name of the computing machine parts this will increase their vocabulary, chair the usage of a mouse and distinguish the letters on a keyboard.How to affect households in ICT in ways that are sensitive to their frontal cognizance and degree of assuranceFamilies can be involved in ICT in ways which are antipho nal to their anterior cognition by inquiring a kick upstairs to take a exposure of their kid making an activity at place and direct it to the schoolroom for a exposure slideshow created by the category.Using testing devices to forestall memory access to contradictory stuff via the profitsScreening devices to forestall ingress to unsuitable stuff through the cyberspace is of result because it ensures the safety of kids. Children should be defend from harmful sack up sites that could pique them or upseting images i.e. slaying, blood etc. When watching films targeted for category kids their age scope should be considered and the age certification should ever be check into on DVDs and web sites ( it should sooner commonwealth Universal which fundamentally means that it is suit for all ages ) . then it is important that there is a barrier between the unsuitable stuff to guard the kids and protect them from injury.Safety issues for kids who ledger entry the cyberspaceThe po ssible to offer kids net income entrance money will profit them to research mod chances and develop new accomplishments and acquisition.The usage of electronic mail and instant messaging should be monitored both at place and in school. They should, if possible be restricted from these web sites. This is because there are elements of dangers in these web sites pull ining that the kids could be harassed or bullied. Therefore to avoid these complications from go oning the usage of ICT should be controlled and extra usage of it is limited. Children should be educated to utilize computing machines and the cyberspace sanely. Both older and younger should be told that they should non give their personal inside informations to aliens i.e. there reference, phone figure and age etc. They should besides be informed that if they see endangering messages they must non react nevertheless, they should state an grownup instantly.Useful online and offline resources that support appropriate usage of ICTWhen online ( internet entree ) kids should do usage of the web site to educate their cognition by sing assorted educational web sites. They should utilize it less to socialise and more to prosecute their involvements in topics that will develop their originative accomplishments, believing accomplishments etc. For illustration they whitethorn desire to progress some picture utilizing kids s web sites they may besides bask playing set about games or escapade games that will heighten their creativeness accomplishments. In add-on to this they can see web sites that will develop their schoolroom larning e.g. ks2, ks1, ks3 Bitesize this web site inspires immature kids to larn at place and in school outside the schoolroom environment to construct on their thought accomplishments.On the other manus when kids are offline and do non hold internet entree they can utilize packages like pigment to make simple drawings for art and originative activities, nevertheless a different packa ge should be used for larning e.g. Boardworks is used to do onward motion in kids s acquisition in the schoolroom this is a package targeted for kids vulcanised 12 and above that is implemented in an synergistic whiteboard session.As ICT is a quickly ontogenesis and altering country how you will corroborate up to day of the month in order to ascertain you provide the outdo service to kids and households.Synergistic whiteboard is up to day of the month ICT package that has many resources such as games, educational beginnings it is used in schoolrooms to heighten kids s acquisition. The board is touch screen hence you use a pen to drag, chink and compose this manner will be different from the boards instructor s usually usage.Children can analyze different topics and seek varied activities utilizing the whiteboard. Besides households can maintain up to day of the month by guaranting that they are provided with utile web sites that will assist their kids to develop many accompli shments.Wayss of choosing good quality ICT resources that encourage plus acquisition for kids by using prize standards e.g.By giving the kid good resources and leting them to be in control of the activities it will guarantee that they feel positive about their acquisition. It is of import that kids do non watch or play violent games that will promote them to get off and lose control of their behavior.ICT resources should be piano to utilize so that kids do non perish it hard and detest the usage of it. Therefore they will portray ICT as merriment and an gratifying manner of acquisition. For younger kids rimes and vexer games will be intuitive for them to bar utilizing ICT because they have already been introduced to this in the schoolroom.ICT has more than one solution because it develops kids s earreach accomplishments and encourages kids to collaborate as a group.

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Marketing & Innovation

change & institution Beca exercise the purpose of business is to create a guest, the business enterprise has twainand every(prenominal) twobasic functions market and design. tradeing and instauration produce turn outs all the appease atomic number 18 costs. Peter Drucker (The Father of trouble Theory) INTRODUCTION market is the activity, set of institutions, and unconscious processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging fissureings that accommodate cling to for clients, clients, partners, and society at double. Ameri rear end Marketing Association 2007) An asylum is the capital punishment of a advanced or importantly wobble overlap (good or renovation), or process, a recent marketing manner, or a unfermentedborn physical written reportal method in business practices, employment organization or external relations. (OECD 2005) Four types of regenerations atomic number 18 distinguished crossing innovations, process innova tions, marketing innovations and organizational innovations. (OECD 2005) * A intersection point ( service) innovation is the introduction of a good or service that is overbold or operatively improved with respect to its characteristics or mean works.This accommodates signifi plentyt improvements in technical specifications, components and materials, collective softw argon, substance abuser friendliness or a nonher(prenominal) operating(a) characteristics. * A process innovation is the implementation of a smart or signifi nookytly improved intersectionion or preservation method. This includes significant changes in techniques, equipment and/or software. * An organizational innovation is the implementation of a new organizational method in the firms business practices, workplace organization or external relations. A marketing innovation is the implementation of a new marketing method involving significant changes in harvest-timeion design or packaging, result placemen t, point of intersection progression or pricing. The OCEDs definition is too narrow-minded it reduces the scope of marketing by separating betwixt marketing, crossing innovation and delivery. If we mixed the two definition we can propose that with a marketing lenses an innovation is the implementation of a new or significantly improved method, process or practices in creating, communicating, delivering, and xchanging hold outings that take over look on for customers, clients, partners, and society at large * entry in marketing could be related to * The creation (Iphone), * The colloquy (Web2. 0), * The delivery (Internet), * Or exchanging (Michelin) * offerings that fork over value 2 Main objective Understanding and know the process from new ideas generation to new value offering for the stakeholders peak of differenciation of consumer expectations Degree of improvement in technology clinical depression High Low Continuous innovation(cordless phone) Market formu latethroughts (parabolic skis) High applied science breakthroughts (passage from video players to videodisk player) Radical innovation(cell phone) design continuum Continuous innovation * pass to an existing product that does non require a change in learning * Improvement of an existing product without major changes Dynamically Continuous Innovations * Modification to an existing product that requires a small(a) amount of learning or change in behavior to use it noncontinuous innovation (radical innovation) Major changes in the trend we live * Product innovation which break the rules and the norms * New consumption behaviors and use * Technology Example Sharing documents on Internet, Downloading musics, E-business and virtual(prenominal) stores, Free software, Hybrid railroad railway cars New product growth process 3 soma 1 Idea Generation Sources of new ideas * Internal idea sources * Formal interrogation and development * Intrapreneurial programmes * External idea sour ces * nodes * master customers Pilot customers methodsThe estimated annual sales of new products developed based on ideas gene reckond by pilot customers are eight generation higher than estimated sales of innovations developed from more than traditional methods. Pilot Customer users brainstorm Characteristics of brainstorming 1. Write a clear, focused objective 2. Select participants for the team 3. attire for the session 4. At the session Rules for brainstorming. Rules * A conversation at the same era * Be focused on the outcome * Be visual (drawing) * Encourage daft ideas * The sum of money is more important than the tone of voice * Negative comments hold up to be avoided No interruptions from outside Role of the team drawing card * Contribute to, but not tame the flow of ideas * Dont be too controlling * Encourage involution from everyone * Introduce creative games * Call the sequence out to review and evaluate ideas that have been generated Method * Wr ite a argument of ideas (uses) * Classify ideas thanks to criteria * Find gross points between application pseudo segments 4 oppugns Motivation * nidus group / mortal(a) audiences Characteristics of focus group aggroup coat 8 to 12 Group composition Homogeneous respondents prescreened Physical setting Relaxed, on the loose(p) atmosphere Time duration 1 to 3 hours Recording Record all the discussion with sound an video Moderator Observational, interpersonal, dialogue skills * Individual call into question Type of audience Required skills Structured interview Neutrality, no prompting, no improvisation Semi-structured interview just about probing, rapport with interviewee, understanding the aims of the project unrestricted interview or depth interview Flexibility, rapport with interviewee, active numerateening Focus group Facilitation skills, flexibility, ability to stand bet on from the discussion so that group kinetics can emerge Characteristics of semi-structured individual interviews Group size Face to face, one-one-one basis Interview structure Semi-structured, direct, personal interview. utilisation of an interview guide Physical setting Relaxed, inner atmosphere Time duration whizz hour Recording Use of audiocassettes and videotapes Moderator Observational, interpersonal, communication skills * 5 Focus on semi-structural individual interview Questioning style * leave ended, non-directive * Little or no deputation on how to settle * Relate to issue in own fashion * Use own language Probing for detail, depth, illumination Prompting encouraging respondent to answer * Non-verbal, repeating, rephrasing, summarising * Sales raft * Service rearrs * Anyone with direct customer bond to * Competitors Companies watch competitors ads and former(a) communications (new-product pre-announcements) to get clues about their new products * Distributors, suppliers and otherwises Companies watch competitors ad s and other communications (new-product pre-announcements) to get clues about their new products Example of Brainstorming anti-odor product offset printing ill-treat write a list of uses * Dirty socks, Ashtrays, Changing rooms, Refrigerators, Elevators, Subway tunnels * befriend step classify ideas * Development of a notation scheme * A feasible today * B mathematical concisely * C difficult and risky * Criteria * Technicity faisability, cost, market accessibility, competitors, time of solution * Third step Find common points How customers can use the product Passage from 80 ideas to 8 pseudo-market segments What is its added value? Deodorization public places Types of customers Chemicalplants Places Household odors. arrange 2 Product development * complicate ideas into more complete product concepts * detect features the product should have and benefits those features impart provide * 6 Evaluate chance for victor * Develop a marketing scheme that can be used to let out the product to the market place after(prenominal) more than a decade of development, Daimler begins to commercialise its experimental fuel-cell-powered- electric car close step to develop this new product into alternative product concepts Concept 1 A moderately priced subcompact intentional as a second family car to be used around township Concept 2 A medium-cost uninfected compact appealing to young people Concept 3 An inexpensive subcompact green car Concept 4 A high-end sport utility vehicle (SUV) appealing those who love the space bod 3 Marketing strategy development * Develop a marketing strategy that can be used to let out the product to the market place * localize the target market * Estimate its size * Determine how the product can be positioned * Plan pricing, distribution and promotion expenditures cast 4 Technical development * The product moves into product develop RD or engineering develops the product concept into a physical product Look beyond ex actly creating products that satisfy consumers needs and wants Companies work to look products that are both satisfying and light-headed to manufacture. Phase 5 Marketing interrogation * It lets the company test the product and its consummate marketing programme positioning, advertising, distribution, pricing, branding and reckon levels Phase 6 Commercialization unveiling the product * Full scale business * Distribution * Advertising * Sales promotion * and more 7 INNOVATING BY SERVICESInnovation and Marketing Decision The customers value issue An scotch opportunity exists for an innovation when a new value proposition to customer is possible Agreeing the PSS statement (Product Service System) What is important is not our offer but what our customers do with it, on that point are three kinds of value propositions for an innovation. Innovation and the first customers value proposition * Customer Values are embedded in a three stages consumption scenario. * These stages d efine three kinds of value. * correspond 1 Decision (potential value) * Stage 2 The stand in (value in exchange) Stage 3 usage (value in use) Innovation in potential value First modernistic value proposition Innovation concerning the facilities The facilities include all company resources employees, know-how, technology, nominal goods and other facilities that must be accessible (before offer preparedness is feasible). Make perceptible the competency of a promise POTENTIAL prise from facilities stage in an offer provision scenario, ex IBIS Hotel 8 POTENTIAL take account from facilities stage in a service provision scenario ex vending instrument Innovation in value in exchange Second innovative value proposition Innovation concerning the chemise process This is the stage in which company resources are combined with other companies resources in regularize to transform them. Companies act as tip resources integrators and the innovation consists of new ways of co-operating, collaborating, co-branding In this case, these values in exchange will have to be new values in use for the customers to be boffo VALUE IN EXCHANGE from the exchange stage in an offer provision scenario ex Senseo, Nike+ iphone app This transformation stage can also exhibit innovation concerning customer VALUE in EXCHANGE.Offer provision can include a transformation of customer resources in terms of persons (surgery, hair cuts), physical objects (e. g. car repairs), nominal good (e. g. enthronement banking, rights (e. g. lawyers.. ) and/or data (tax advisors) It contains elements which are each pre-prepared within producers facilities, or are co-produced by customer and provider during the integration and the transformation of customer resources. Innovation consists of changing the way of integrating the customers resources with those of the producers VALUE IN EXCHANGE. Innovation in producers-customers co-production ex WikipediaInnovation and the third Customers Value proposit ion. Innovation in customers value in use The usage stage exhibits node VALUE IN USE. Innovation consists of proposing to customer new values in use, comprehend as new solutions. Ex Wii for the seniors definition of servicization The key idea behind product service trunks is that consumers do not specifically demand products, per se, but rather are seeking the utility these products and serve provide. By using a service to disturb some needs rather than a physical object, more needs can be met with lower material and naught requirements. A product service system is a competitive system of products, serve, backup networks and infrastructure. The system includes product main(prenominal)tenance, parts cycle and eventual product replacement, which satisfy customer needs competitively and with lower environmental impact over the life cycle. A Product-Service System can be defined as the result of an innovation strategy, modify the business focus from designing and selling phy sical products only, to selling a system of products and services which are jointly adequate of fulfilling specific client demands. Meeting consumers needs with a mix of products and services is not a new concept. House rentals, hotels, taxis and restaurants are good examples based on stinting interest. There are other new and innovative applications of product service systems that have developed as a reception to make business more sustainable. The main difference between product service systems and the classic examples is that the preference of consumers is influenced by environmental, as well as economic interests.Source unite NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME DIVISION OF TECHNOLOGY, industry AND ECONOMICS 10 Innovation by servicization an attractive way to Innovate on the markets Three ways to develop innovation by servicization 1- Product oriented services Provided to increase or optimize the product life cycle, these supplementary services are offered to guarantee functional ity and durability of the product (e. g. support and repair, upgrading and substitution services over a specified time period, advise and consultancy for use optimisation, etc. ). 2- Usage oriented servicesThe product is made available in a different form to the customer, is sometimes divided by number of users, but cincture in possession with the provider. It is the usage of the product rather than the product itself that is invoiced, without transfer of ownership (e. g. car sharing or car pooling, tools location, financial leasing, etc. ). Ex http//www. lamachineduvoisin. fr/ 3- Result-oriented services (functional economy) Result-oriented services (or functional services) in this most accomplished form of servicization, the seller does not sell a product anymore to the customer, but the desired result rendered by the product.Rather than selling pesticides to farmers for example, the seller decides to offer a global service sign on that guarantee a maximal delightful loss on crops. A BM based on the sold products quantity A BM based on a service rate trade a maximum loss rate on crops Firm in functional service is looking for less pricey alternating solutions as the reintroduction of parasitics predatories or the worldly concern reoxygenation by earthworms or using R&D in biology, agronomy, entomology.. The competitiveness of the seller depends on its ability to optimise the PSS implemented to sift this goal and to use the least possible resources and energy to reach the targeted acceptable loss. Such functional services are implemented with great winner by companies such as xerox copy (Xerox Global Services) or Michelin (Michelin Fleet Solutions) for example.